About Us

FOMDAC is a “grass roots” community organization that relies on its volunteer supporter base as well as support from Manningham Council.

In 1996 Manningham Council established a steering committee to formulate a council Domestic Animal Strategy. Community representatives were appointed to work alongside council representatives.

In 1999 the Domestic Animal Strategy was finalised and passed by Council. The community representatives were asked to remain together as an informal advisory group to Manningham Council on domestic animal issues and Friends of Manningham Dogs and Cats (FOMDAC) was established.

In 2007 FOMDAC became an incorporated body.

FOMDAC meets regularly at FOMDAC house in Donvale. Our meetings are usually attended by a Manningham Council officer. FOMDAC has become an incorporated body, and is actively seeking general members with the aim of broad representation of pet owners in Manningham.

We hope many of Manningham’s pet owners will join so they can be kept informed of relevant issues and together with an active committee, encourage Council to consider pets and their owners in planning, strategy and expenditure.

To promote and facilitate responsible ownership and the benefits of animal companionship focusing on the legitimate needs of pets and their owners while respecting the rights of other members of the community and protecting the environment.

It is a statement similar in intent to that of FOMDAC’s mission statement.

Mission Statement

To promote responsible pet ownership
To represent and advocate the legitimate needs of dog and cat owners
To provide a resource for council and other representatives of the Manningham community on issues involving dog and cat owners
FOMDAC adheres to the twin principles of equity and balance in all decisions:
Equity of access to community resources
Balance between the interest of the pet owners and non-owners.

FOMDAC is actively seeking general members to help its work in representing Manningham pets and their owners. Members are kept informed of relevant issues and alerted to potential changes in legislation and regulation. They are represented by a committee actively encouraging Council to respect the integrity of its own mission in planning, strategy and expenditure.