As a community organization we rely on our membership to allow us to have people to assist us in our activities, we also hold social meetings to just catch up with fellow animal lovers and let our pets interact at FOMDAC House. These social meetings are held on a Thursday morning at 10am.

Where are my membership fees spent?

On your behalf the committee liaise with Manningham Council over issues such as:

  • Placement of dog poo bins
  • Maintaining the off-lead status of parks throughout the municipality
  • Write submissions when the management plans of the different reserves and parks are revised
  • Continue to negotiate over issues at the Dog Activity Centre
  • Ensure that cat and dog owners have a voice when planning issues interact with pet ownership
  • Meet to negotiate issues in relation to the Domestic Animal Management Plan including cat curfews, etc.

The committee also:

  • supported dog owners in other Melbourne municipalities to develop similar groups
  • offer dog training classes
  • assist elderly people in caring for their dogs

To join FOMDAC please complete the Membership Form and make payment as specified in the form.