Dog Activity Centre

FOMDAC worked hard for the establishment of the Dog Activity Centre (DAC) for 14 years.
The DAC provides an area for general exercise and socialisation for dogs and a training area where owners can informally train their dog. Both areas are fully fenced, DAC also includes agility/play equipment, drinking fountains and Poo Bins are provided at the two entrances to DAC. DAC is at Aranga reserve between the end of Aranga Crescent near Donvale Primary school and Eastway Drive. FOMDAC have leased the building at the Aranga Cres end of the reserve in order to run education and community events.

Lobbying and Education

FOMDAC acts as a voice to council to ensure dog owners are heard. Of particular concern is the maintenance of Off-leash areas. FOMDAC is also actively working to educate dog owners to be responsible, particularly in the areas of picking up after your dog and ensuring that dogs are under control and not causing a nuisance.

ONEMDA Pet Therapy

FOMDAC in conjunction with ONEMDA has implemented a Pet Therapy Program for two of the streams of Participants, FOMDAC volunteers along with their Dogs attend ONEMDA weekly to allow the ONEMDA participants to meet, cuddle, pat and love the dogs.